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Does my child need a portfolio?


No, children are not required to have a portfolio, and children under 2 years do not require professional pictures.  You may be asked to provide a headshot that has the quality similar to those on our website (refer to the photos under "Featured Talent"), this can be taken yourself or by a professional photographer.  We can recommend a photographer if you do not have one.


Does my child need training?


Children gain experience through school productions and other social events.  It helps if your child has an outgoing and energetic personality.


Are there any administrative fees?


If accepted into our agency, there is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $150 (the fee is waived for ACTRA members).  We work on a 15% commission on all bookings for ACTRA members and 20% commission for non-members.  Please note, if booked for a union commercial, LUWA will negotiate to have production pay for the permit fees, if unsuccessful, registered models/talent will be responsible for paying half of the fee, and LUWA will cover the rest.  An agent authorization form must be signed prior to the commencement of a union commercial.  


How much will I make if booked for a job?


TV commercials pay anywhere from $300 to $25,000 depending on many factors, including but not limited to, a union or non-union commercial and where and how long the commercial will air.  Modeling jobs generally pay $50 -$75 per hour. 


How do I get paid?


Once you have completed the job, we will invoice the client.  For a non-union commercial, it takes approximately 60-90 days for the client to pay, once we receive the funds, we will deduct 20% and send you an email money transfer along with a payment notice via email.  For union jobs, it takes approximately 21 days to receive payment, once received, we will deduct 20% (15% for ACTRA members) from the gross amount and send the cheque by registered mail to your address on file (a signature will be required).




We and/or any other agencies cannot guarantee work.  It is not the agency that does the hiring, it is the clients.  It is our job to submit your photos to the casting director(s) but it is ultimately the client(s) to hire you based on what they are looking for.  It is your job to "nail" the audition(s).  Having a great headshot sets you apart from other talents/models!


Please note: you cannot be represented by another agency while represented by LUWA Studios.


For more information about becoming an ACTRA member and your rights please visit



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